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How do I set up an account with Firma?

It’s simple and fast:

Step 1

Reach out. All we need is your name, email or phone number. Sign up.

Step 2

A Firma Currency Expert will get back to you with a setup form.

Step 3

Complete and submit the form. Within 48 hours you can start trading!

How do I protect my business against currency fluctuations?

Currency fluctuations can result in loss of revenue, which may impact your company’s cash flow. One method to reduce your risk (or actively hedge) against currency fluctuations is to use forward contracts to lock in an exchange rate.

This works well if several months are likely to pass between signing a contract and making or receiving a payment. It’s essentially a buy now and pay later strategy with a locked-in exchange rate set to a future date. By fixing the rate in advance, you can manage your budget and cash flow without worrying about currency volatility.

How does Firma help me save time and money?

At Firma, we simplify the complex and save you time and money in a number of ways:

Why use a dedicated Currency Expert?

At Firma you get a Currency Expert who learns your business and your business’ needs. This allows us to provide simple, valuable, customized solutions and outstanding service. Here are a few more reasons why working with a dedicated Currency Expert adds value:


We take the complexity of foreign exchange and global payments off your plate, working quickly and simply whenever you need our support.

Cost efficiency

In one simple (and free) consultation, we find ways to reduce your current costs. Plus, we provide bank-beating service, great rates and no hidden fees.

Dependable global reach

With offices and teams around the world, we leverage our strong global banking relationships to expand your reach.

Are your foreign exchange services for individuals or businesses?

We offer both.

For your individual needs, we can help you save time and money with things like buying foreign real estate, a foreign vehicle or making an international tuition payment.

For your business, we will watch the markets for you to make sure you get the most out of every foreign transaction you make and at better rates. We offer a range of business solutions to meet your needs like spot orders, market orders, and rate requests that ensure you get your preferred exchange rate every time.

Either way, you’ll have a dedicated Currency Expert at your service.

What are Forward Contracts?

Forward Contracts can help protect your future contract and service commitments from potentially damaging market fluctuations by locking in future payment and currency exchange needs at today’s rates. By locking in your rates, you remove the risk of future currency volatility in the market. That volatility could wipe out all your profit in your commitments. Fix your exchange rates today with a Forward Contract and remove that risk.

What type of payments does Firma accept?

There are so many ways to send money overseas. At Firma, we work with you to find the best way to make those everyday payments; Wire, EFT/Bank Transfer, ACH, BPay and Direct Debit.

What is volatility management?

Currencies go up. Currencies go down. We’ve seen it all. Now it’s time for you to see what we’ve learnt. We can help you navigate the volatile world of global currency for your business. With solutions like Forward contracts, we can help you get the best exchange rates every time.

Is there a better way to manage mass payments?

Cut out the complexity of mass payments and control your costs in 200+ markets. Simply provide us with a list of your payees and the payments due and leave the rest to us. No matter how many currencies or how many payees, your payments will be delivered on time and at a great rate.

What are spot orders?

Spot orders are for buying funds now, or “on the spot.” Once you agree to the price, we purchase the currency on your behalf. Then, we wire or deliver your funds to where you need them. Simple as that.

What are market orders?

You pick the exact exchange rate you want, and for how long you want the order to stand. We’ll make your market order happen.*

*Subject to availability

What if I want a specific rate? What is a rate request?

No problem, we offer rate requests. Tell us the exact rate you want, and we do all the eagle-eyed watching. The instant the market hits your rate, we message you, and you decide from there.

More questions?

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